Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Simple Basics

Story by Namatsi

Here is the secret of life; love! Tuesday morning at 8.00am and it is busy as usual at the CPSK (Cerebral Palsy Society of Palsy) compound as parents bring in their children for check up and therapy. Some of these parents mostly women are coming to Donholm from as far kamulu, Nairobi west, kayole, etc with their little ones on their back!

I walk into the clinic and watch Calvin (a volunteer therapist) as he massages the cheeks of a little baby girl as her mother looks at her and playfully smiles. Each child spends around 40 minutes with the therapist and then is put on a stand for around 20 to 30 minutes. Approximately each parent spends an hour at the clinic as their children are attended to.

There around 5 therapists at CPSK, four of them who volunteer their services to help these children. These services are offered thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on Tuesdays and Thursday, they are offered to those children who cannot access the clinic because of their age. The services are free; what better way to live as Albert Einstein thought we should. ‘Only a life lived for others is worth living.’ I say this again, the secret of life is love.

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