Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Seminar on Disability at the Nairobi Baptist Church

Report by Namatsi Lukoye

The Nairobi Baptist church held a seminar for parents entitled  'Parenting and Supporting children with Special Needs' on the 27th and the 28th of November. The event revolving around spreading awareness and proving parents with as much information on what services are currently available was attended by the Public Relations Officer and Mrs. Mwangeka (C.E.O).

Among organisations present were, the Autism Awareness Kenya, Dyslexia Organization, Therapies for Kids, Sarakasi hospital Project, among many others.

The main objective for the seminar was to create awareness, sensitize our community and empower the parents for the betterment of the children with special needs.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Avoiding and Managing Cerebral Palsy

There is no prevention for cerebral palsy but the condition can be lowered by;

·         Women should avoid under age pregnancy and stressful conditions during pregnancy
·         Expectant mothers should attend pre-natal clinics 
·         Expectant mothers should ensure that they give birth in a certified hospital or that  they are attended to by a qualified doctor or midwife
·       The condition can be managed and improved on through occupational therapy through occupational therapy

The benefits of Occupational Therapy 

CPSK therapists at the clinic

  •         It offers help to people with mental health disorders and plays a key role in treating them to regain their mental abilities
  •              It helps people with physical disabilities in pediatric and physical dysfunction return to ordinary tasks around home and at work by maximizing physical potential through lifestyle adaptations and possible use of assistive devices.
  •          It offers training to maximize independence in activities of daily living (such as grooming, bathing, toileting, feeding and dressing).
  •          The use of adaptive work and play activities increase independent function, enhance development, and prevents disability
  •          Occupational therapy offers services in designing and fabrication of static and dynamic splints to prevent and correct deformities

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Childhood Signs and Difficulties

A mother who succumbs to an illness or a stressful situation especially in the first three months of pregnancy is likely to give birth to a child with a developmental problem and hence follow up is important.

Be keen when the following things happen:-

Prolonged labor
Difficult deliveries
lack of or a delay cry

Signs in early childhood include:

  • Early feeding difficulties 
  • Delayed development 
  • Poor muscle control 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Lack of coordination 

Although the damage to the brain will not become worse, the effect on the body can become more obvious with age, and physical deformities can develop. Early detection and management can reduce the severity of the effects of the disability.