Friday, 3 March 2017

CPSK-Evergreen Riders for Health

With Sponsorship from UK based organization ‘Evergreen’ CPSK has been able to expand its outreach program by being able to provide therapy services to even more youngsters. Before the motorbikes the number of children being attended to was 43, but now that the bikes are here the program can see up to 65 youngsters.
The motorbikes help in facilitating transport to the vast distances the therapist have to cover from one house to another as they strive to offer the service.
CPSK has 7 therapists, two enrolled to the program.

·         The motorbikes have reduced time wasted in traffic
·         More youngsters have been added to the program; from 2 children to around 4-5 youngsters per therapist
·         CPSK is able to save on finances that were made to be used for transport into other programs
·         CPSK is now the leading organization when it comes to rehabilitation, with service being taken to the homes of those who need it most and cannot reach the facilities.