Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Diana getting her therapy

The CPSK clinic in Donholm

A child is put on a standing for around for 30mins  used in standing and midlife orientation, for strength and endurance

                                                   Parents wait for their turn with the therapist

                  The Swing Vestibular stimulation also known as a balance center used to help a child fight fright

Roller used to train head control, rolling over and trunk strength and alignment

A letter from a dear friend

Hi guys,

My love story of children with cerebral palsy started in April 2010, while on a Jigger Campaign in Githunguri, with a team of 18 volunteers. In one of the homes, I met Steve, an 8 year old child with severe CP complications, he weighed 10kgs and was painfully breathing through a trachectomy tube in his neck. I sought the assistance of Jardine Mwangeka – the chairperson of Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya and she visited the home with us. Unfortunately while we were seeking urgent medical intervention for Steve, he succumbed to the complications of CP.

Since then, I have come across several children with CP who are highly stigmatised and in desperate need of therapy. I would like us to support CPSK, to go beyond the borders of Nairobi. For this reason I am a friend of CPSK and have been involved in assisting them in networking and publicity. We request you to join with us by purchasing a t-shirt at Ksh1,000. I also encourage you to buy a t-shirt on behalf of a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, I have several who would like to go cannot afford a t-shirt. 

Yours faithfully

Charity Muturi

Thursday, 21 June 2012


CPSK boasts of provision of quality and free therapy and rehabilitation services to children/persons afflicted by cerebral palsy. The therapy and general rehabilitation clinic in Nairobi has offered hope to many families and their children especially those who cannot afford to provide these services due to financial constraints.
Therapy at the clinic happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; children are brought as early as 8:00am for a session of 45minutes to 1hour. During this time the therapists carry out:-

• Occupational Therapy

Which aims to maximize a child's potential for independence with daily activities, it also helps a child to develop and learn many skills. Cerebral palsy can sometimes affect a child's perceptual and sensory ability and their judgment of spaces and distances. Occupational therapy seeks to help overcome this through using carefully graded activities so that they can move and use their eyes and hands more effectively to dress, eat, read, write and play with friends. It also helps children to enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

• Physiotherapy

Uses specific handling techniques to help children to relax and mobilize their muscles and joints. It also helps a child to fight fear. This improves the child's quality of posture and movement, enabling them to move more freely and be more stable and comfortable. It is only when a child can achieve a safe and supported position that they are ready to learn to interact with their environment.

• Speech therapy and swallowing lessons

This therapy deals not only with communication and speech, but with all aspects of oral movement. Difficulties in coordinating the muscles necessary for speaking mean that children may also experience problems eating and drinking.
The Society remains a source of inspiration and hope by offering free counselling to parents/guardians towards acceptance of their children’s condition and consequently provide love and care for the child.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, therapists visit the older children in their homes, children who cannot be carried to the clinic and give them therapy at home.

The therapists at CPSK combine these disciplines to give children with cerebral palsy the skills to explore the world, communicate their needs and participate as much as possible, not just in therapy sessions, but in all aspects of their lives.

Monday, 18 June 2012

CPSK and IRA Media Launch

Insurance Regulatory Authority Partners with Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya to Promote Stigma Free Environment for Cerebral Palsy Victims

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) today announced a donation of Ksh 2.5 million towards this year’s Cerebral Palsy Charity Walk, becoming the event’s title sponsor.
In sponsoring the walk, the Authority is responding to a low level of awareness with regard to the condition’s effects which often lead to stigma and discrimination. The event was hosted at the IRA offices and was presided over by the Authority’s CEO, Mr. Sammy Makove.

“Our commitment to the community, either through sponsorships or social responsibility programmes is based on the desire to improve and develop our society in areas: of education and community development. We work to align the objectives of our business with that of protecting and empowering the society and the world around us,” said Mr. Makove.

Speaking at the event CPSK representative, Jardine Mwangeka, expressed appreciation for the support offered by the Insurance Regulatory Authority as well as other CPSK regular supporters: Ascribe Kenya Ltd; Lillian Foundation; and Maple Management. Mrs. Mwangeka challenged other Kenyans to come on board and support this effort.

Renowned Kenyan artiste Daddy Owen is also a supporter of the initiative. His song “Mbona” is the theme song for the walk and talks about consideration for the disabled in the society.

The CPSK and title sponsor, IRA encouraged other organisations to support the Cerebral Palsy of Kenya Annual Charity Walk and help alleviate the challenges of the sufferers of this condition as well as their families.

Monday, 11 June 2012


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" Wnston Churchill

Children's smiles have continually blessed the CPSK offices for two weeks now as a team of 32 volunteers continually dedicate their time and effort in ensuring that children affected by cerebral palsy get the therapy they need.

"We are in this together, I want to see this children living a better life, not discriminated, I want parents to feel free bring their children to the clinic any time and not fear how the society views them," said Martin (a volunteer)

The City Council of Nairobi has partnered with CPSK and IRA to ensure a stigma free environment. CCN has permitted the devoted volunteers to create awareness and raise funds on any part of the city.

Join us! Buy a T-shirt Adult 1000/-,
children T-shirts 700/-
Wristbands 200/-
Awareness Ribbons 100/-