Monday, 28 May 2012

Report on the St Peters Special School Workshop

by Job Wekesa

The workshop on early intervention and nutritional supplemental to children born with disability that was held on 20th May 2012 was very informative. The speaker, Mr. Onalo who is a special teacher emphasized on early intervention and special care given to the child at all times.

Hon. Peter Kenneth and Commissioner Sammy Makove to flag off the CPSK-IRA Cerebral Palsy walk

As preparations for the walk continue to pressure the staff and friends of CPSK, good news bring us hope. Hon. Peter Kenneth (MP for Gatanga and 2012 presidential candidate)and Commissioner Sammy Makove the commissioner for Insurance and Chief Executive Insurance Regulatory Authority have accepted to flag off the walk from Nyayo National Stadium at exactly 8am.

The family fun day designed for the cerebral palsy affected children, their siblings and other children will have loads of entertainment; from music,to comedy and to dance crews.

All we need is you to participate by buying a t-shirt at 1000 Kshs. for adults and 700 Kshs for children

Please help children like Moses among others with cerebral palsy get the much needed occupational therapy.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Join us for the Charity walk to:

:- raise awareness about cerebral palsy condition
:- to fight STIGMA!! For we are all fearfully and wonderfully made!!!
:- And to raise the much needed funds for CPSK's rehabilitation programmes

Buy one of our merchandise and give hope to a devastated family!!!

Hope is the greatest gift

Story by Caroline Njenga

Children are like flowers and little angles, beautiful little people who give the world a different meaning. Everyone yearns for a child in his/her future but no one ever thinks that this child could have a disability. What I have learn in my one month internship is that a child born with disability or a condition like Cerebral Palsy sticks closer to a parent and desires attention at all times.

Fear of rejection and stigma is the biggest problem facing parents with children with cerebral palsy. Many are times parents fear to tell the world of their children’s conditions in fear of rejection. In addition therapy for cerebral palsy affected children is extremely expensive. Cerebral Society of Kenya gives parents like this a shoulder to lean on and conducts therapy for these children at a much subsidized fee.

Being at the institution for a period of time, I have learnt a lot on how to live with these children and how to help them live a near normal life. These children attend therapy twice a week and the parents are taught how to massage them at home. This frequent therapy helps in managing the condition of the children and prevents a child from getting worse or developing a secondary deformity.

Hope is the greatest strength these parents have; hope that their babies will get better with time and more therapy. As they line up for therapy, they share their experiences and comfort one another.
Despite their work being voluntary the therapists at CPSK love their job as they love the children. “Helping a child like this one is like giving back to God,” said Augustine Sinino.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Story of Ilyne Mercy Otieno (1 year 2 months)

Parent: Susan Adhiambo
Child: Ilyne Mercy Otieno (1 year 2 months)
Type of CP: Spastic

Immediately after I gave birth to my baby girl Ilyne, she did not cry like any other normal child; she cried after 8 hours. She then was incubated for 5 days the first two being on oxygen.

At three months, my baby could not smile at me or even make any body movements. It was then that I realize that something was terribly wrong and had to see a pediatrician who later referred me to an occupational therapist.
It was devastating! I had so many questions all revolving around WHY? Why her? Why me? Why us? I was in denial for around 1 month. When I gathered enough strength I went to go see an occupational therapist who confirmed that my baby girl had spastic Cerebral Palsy. I had to get counseling to help me start taking her for therapy.

It took me a while to understand the condition and learn of all the major sacrificed that I had to do. I resigned from my job in Kisumu and relocated to Nairobi in order to Ilyne the special care and attention that she needed. I take her for therapy 5 times a week.

Therapy has made me see so many improvements, in that she can crawl using her belly, smile and even do some body movements.

I am hopeful that better days are coming and that she will become independent, and that she will run and play like other children out there.

Story by Esther Kyalo

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Story by Namatsi Lukoye

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA), which is mandated with regulating, supervising and developing the insurance industry in Kenya ; has adopted The Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya Charity Walk as its Corporate Social Responsibility activity for a period of three years starting with 2012. The IRA sponsorship for this event is 2.5 Million Kenyan Shillings.

CPSK which is sustained by the support of individuals and organizations of goodwill, is a charitable organization that works towards improving the welfare of children and persons afflicted by cerebral palsy in the country. Due to limited resources however, the program has been limited to Nairobi and its environs only, thereby leaving out many victims in the rest of the country.

A large number of Kenyan children are affected with Cerebral Palsy and require rehabilitation. This rehabilitation is often too expensive and out to reach for the ordinary parent; thus resulting to secondary deformities, depression and in worse cases death.

Cerebral Palsy (CP)is a developmental disability caused by brain damage before, during or after birth. This condition affects the motor part of the brain which controls a persons ability to move or control his/her muscles. Each individual however, is afflicted differently depending on the degree of damage; a child may have delayed milestones or worse it can affect every aspect of their daily life from mobility, speech to feeding.

The Charity Walk and Family Fun day which runs under the theme, "Partnering to Create a Stigma Free Environment," is an event set up to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy condition and to fight stigma associated to it. In addition raise much needed funds for therapy. and to fight stigma associated with CP.

The 9.3 km Charity Walk and Family Fun day gives participants a chance not only to donate but also to give hope to a devastated lot. The success of this noble undertaking will; enhance an understanding of CP, facilitate expansion services nationwide thus ensuring that CP persons are rehabilitated to enable them realize their full potential.

The CPSK - IRA Charity Walk/Family Fun day is scheduled for 30th of June at the Nyayo Stadium at 8.00am.

For Further inquiries contact:

CPSK OFFICE: 0772040871, 0708829681