Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A letter from a dear friend

Hi guys,

My love story of children with cerebral palsy started in April 2010, while on a Jigger Campaign in Githunguri, with a team of 18 volunteers. In one of the homes, I met Steve, an 8 year old child with severe CP complications, he weighed 10kgs and was painfully breathing through a trachectomy tube in his neck. I sought the assistance of Jardine Mwangeka – the chairperson of Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya and she visited the home with us. Unfortunately while we were seeking urgent medical intervention for Steve, he succumbed to the complications of CP.

Since then, I have come across several children with CP who are highly stigmatised and in desperate need of therapy. I would like us to support CPSK, to go beyond the borders of Nairobi. For this reason I am a friend of CPSK and have been involved in assisting them in networking and publicity. We request you to join with us by purchasing a t-shirt at Ksh1,000. I also encourage you to buy a t-shirt on behalf of a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, I have several who would like to go cannot afford a t-shirt. 

Yours faithfully

Charity Muturi

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